What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a system of health & wellness developed in ancient India over 5,000 years ago. At the core of Ayurveda is a functional medicine approach based on a simple classification system. This system matches diet, lifestyle, and herbs to the individual to improve health & wellness.

Functional Ayurveda looks at your body's shape, size, bone structure, appetite, and food cravings to determine your unique body type and characteristics. Based on these characteristics, functional Ayurveda shows you how to take immediate action to improve your health & wellness, using materials from home.

More technically, Ayurveda is a form of habipathy, the study of how lifestyle and habit contribute to the health, wellness, and disease process. Specifically, Ayurveda studies the characteristics of habits, and the characteristics of their influence on the body. It groups habits and disorders into types or categories (called gunas) to assess general strains on the body. For example, eating spicy food would be classified as a heating habit. A rash would be categorized as a heat disorder.

Once the habit has been categorized, Ayurveda then suggests habits from opposite categories that restore balance. For example, eating spicy food would therefore be contraindicated for a rash in Ayurveda. Instead, cooling foods are recommended, like cucumber. Using these categories to balance diet, habit and lifestyle, Ayurveda increases the overall strength and resiliency of the person, improves quality of life, and minimizes the effects of disease.

Functional Ayurveda's greatest strengths are in the areas of digestion, skin care, stress management, and fertility. Functional Ayurveda offers some of the most advanced and cutting edge digestive health solutions out there.

You can't take the doctor home with you, but what you do at home matters. Functional Ayurveda is a do-it-yourself health and wellness system that facilitates self care at home. It is an easy to understand, simple to do, inexpensive and practical approach used for prevention of disease, recovery from illness, and to improve vitality. It is not just a list of home remedies, but an approach to help you figure out how to make choices.

Ayurveda literally means the science of life. The core of Ayurveda's health approach offers much more than freedom from disease, but total well-being. Functional Ayurveda looks at the whole person when assessing health, rather than the parts alone. Functional Ayurveda believes that a highly personalized approach brings the best results possible. To achieve its results, Ayurveda uses a classification system which we've automated on this website.


As you start your journey in Functional Ayurveda, you'll love how great Functional Ayurveda makes you feel, and the balance it brings to your life. Ayurveda was the primary form of medicine in India for thousands of years. This functional core of Ayurveda is still the easiest and most effective way to maintain health & wellness from home. To get started, we recommend finding your body type first.

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